Blog? Me? Really?

Today was a day for learning. Learning that I am a Florist. Learning that I am Not an SEO expert, or a Web designer, or even a little bit savvy in the tech department. So I apologize in advance if this post is mixed with the template supplied by the website host (if thats the right term?). I learned a lot about improving my website's title line (is that the term?). About how and why we blog (sort of?). Kind of my reason for doing so right now:) I also learned that its important to save our blog if you get sidetracked with other things mid blog. But hey, 3rd times a charm right?:)

Most of all I learned about how kick ass our community of young entrepreneurs really is. Young professionals near and far. Work together and not against each other. It's really amazing! We are all out here in the world, not getting paid, for the same sense of achievement. And of course to maybe one day actually get paid. Its so awesome having so many talented people around to count on for support. To drink coffee with, bounce ideas off of, collaborate with etc. You know who you are. And I Thank You! I am totally lucky to be a member of this great independent business community.

For example, the reason I'm writing today. My annoyingly talented, photographer friend Alana (1486 Photography) gave me the push and knowledge I needed to start tackling the big, bad, mean, ugly, scary, SEO world. I may have already forgotten most of the technical shit we discussed, but I still feel I can slowly start to write to you sweet people thru this blog. As suggested by Alana. But about things I love and I'm passionate about. Not Website mumbo jumbo boring blah blah blah. Things like Flowers, Art, Food, Boxer dogs, Pugs, Funny jokes that are a tad offensive. You know, rainbows and sparkles, clouds and birdies... 

So here goes nothing! Maybe one day I will learn to attach a pretty picture or two as well;)